Yummy Hamburgers

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Toogoom Convenience Store and Takeaway. Tonight for something different, as I had a contract computer job to complete in Toogoom, I bought takeaway from Toogoom Convenience store for the kids and myself. (well they are adults but they are my children so I still call them the kids). We ordered works burgers. The first thing I noticed was how much cheaper they were than from Craignish Takeaway. When I lived at takura we would sometimes get takeaway from Craignish.

Then I took a bite of my burger and was amazed at how delicious and juicy and tasty they were. My son said it is all in the bread roll that Toogoom uses, so much yummier than Craignish’s buns. Then I noticed how well put together Toogoom’s burgers are. Made with care instead of sloppily put together like so many other places. They were divine and so filling. I only had half as I was that full and satisfied. The meat was juicy and tender, not dry and the salad was chopped finely and not chunky monkey like. Overall the best burger I have tasted in a long time.

Fantastic food Eric and Sharon… gourmet burgers… the garlic chicken balls were great too.. except silly me decided to eat one on the way home and ended up with garlic butter all over me… lol …