Brolgas of Toogoom

Brolgas of Toogoom by Sandy Latch

Here you will find gorgeous photos of the Toogoom Brolga pair Romeo and Juliet. Every year they raise their young in Toogoom along Carket Road where the new houses are being built. Hopefully their habitat won't be encroached on to much by mankind.   [foogallery id="1264"]

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Toogoom Bus Timetable

Monday to Friday &Saturday Toogoom to Hervey Bay major stops am Toogoom to Town Main St                                            Mon- Fri      8.47 Saturday   7.17 Stockland                                        Mon- Fri     8.50 Saturday    7.20 Burrum Hds Bowls Club               Mon- Fri      9.15 Saturday   7.45 Sunrise Cres                     ...

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Toogoom Halloween Gallery 2017

Toogoom Halloween 2017 Gallery

Toogoom Halloween 2017 was a spectacular community event. Everyone looked fantastic.. what a night what a day... toogoom can be really proud of the community spirit and awesome fun for the kids and the not so young kids.. like me.. the houses looked spectacular.... the outfits were amazing.... so much effort and work and thinking went into halloween.. other than the scream kids which were a unit anyway.. I didn't see any repeats of costumes ..... each was unique like thing 1 and thing 2 who my daughter thought rocked.... they will know who they are  and the hot dog and...

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Toogoom Storms 17 October 2017

Toogoom Storms and Flash Floods 17 October 2017 Important note after travelling through floodwater in the Toogoom area and especially between Craignish and Toogoom please remember to wash down your vehicle immediately as the floodwater is mixed with tidal saltwater After days and days of heavy rain at around 400 ml the causeway or salt flats between Toogoom and Craignish has been dangerously close to being flooded over to the point of being closed on the evening of 17th of October 2017. The rains have been relentless in downpours and left many low lying areas underwater. Yesterday 16/10/17 Torbanlea Piabla...

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