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Project Update

The Toogoom substation, the Toogoom to Takura 66,000 volt (66KV) powerline and Toogoom to Pt Vernon 66kV powerline projects have been deferred. This is due to a reduction in electricity load growth in the Hervey Bay area, as well as changes to our electricity planning guidelines which determine when electricity infrastructure is required.

We will continue to monitor the future power needs of the region and we’ll keep the community informed via newsletters and this website when there is a need for this project to progress in the future.

Project details

Ergon Energy plans to develop a new substation at Toogoom to meet the growing demand for power in the north-western part of Hervey Bay. As part of this project we have secured property on Toogoom Cane Road as the site for the new substation and a new powerline route to connect between the site and the existing Howard – Pialba 66kV powerline which runs parallel to Torbanlea – Hervey Bay Road.

The second stage of the project is to build the new substation and a new connecting powerline along Toogoom Cane Road. This new powerline will connect with the existing 66kV powerline between Howard and Pialba substations, south of Takura.

The third and final stage is to link the new Toogoom Substation to the existing Point Vernon Substation via a 66kV powerline.

Selection process

Ergon Energy undertook detailed analysis before choosing this site and line routes. The analysis looked at a range of social and environmental impacts, as well as technical requirements and financial implications.

Ergon Energy assessed the options in terms of minimising the impact on the local community while still being able to deliver the required capacity increase to the network. The criteria included:

  • Social and community benefits and impacts
  • Proximity to existing residential and commercial development
  • Environmental impacts
  • Size, topography and shape of the site
  • Land zoning and town planning requirements
  • Availability to purchase
  • Construction advantages and constraints
  • Cost considerations
  • Engineering issues, including proximity to existing electricity infrastructure.
  • Ability to mitigate potential impacts

Advantages of this site

This site has a number of key advantages including:

  • distance from homes, businesses and future developments
  • no impact on local traffic
  • screening from existing vegetation to limit visual impact.

The location of site will also ensure the substation will be able to supply power to a wide area in the north-western suburbs of Hervey Bay, including Toogoom, Craignish and Takura.

Advantages of line routes

Toogoom to Takura 66kV powerline

The Toogoom substation will be linked to the existing 66kV powerline that runs between Howard and Pialba with the proposed connection point located west of Takura. The majority of the line route will be located within road reserves as it offers the lowest overall environmental, social and economic impact to the surrounding community. Community feedback has been used to help Ergon Energy determine a preferred line route.

Point Vernon to Toogoom 66kV powerline

The powerline will be built primarily along road reserves with some easements through private property. The line route will include a section within the Hervey Bay Golf and Country Club. This corridor has been selected as it offers the lowest overall environmental, social and economic impact.

Linking the Point Vernon Substation to the new Toogoom Substation will ensure greater power reliability to homes and businesses in the Point Vernon and Eli Waters area.


In response to feedback from the community, a further analysis of the options for the powerline route through the Hervey Bay Golf and Country Club has been carried out.

The final independent engineering report and accompanying appendices are available below.


Select a link below to download newsletters about the Toogoom Substation project.

Project contact details

Questions regarding the project can be made to Ergon Energy by completing our project feedback form, email or call 1300 855 054.

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