Council Upgrades to Toogoom

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25 October 2016

Kerb and Channel works will start in Desmond Drive, Toogoom today (Tuesday, October 25).

The project includes installing the missing 145 metres of kerb and channel along Desmond Drive from the Jepperson Road intersection, drainage works and road widening – laying pavement between the existing road and the new kerb.

It is anticipated that the work will take two weeks, weather permitting. The road will be reduced to one lane and traffic control will be in place.

05 May 2016

Toogoom drainage

Extra pipes will be installed under Jeppesen Road to improve stormwater drainage along the Toogoom Esplanade.

On Monday, May 9, Council staff will start work on the project to install underground stormwater drainage linking the Toogoom Esplanade with existing drains in Desmond Drive.

The work is anticipated to take two weeks to complete, weather permitting.

Traffic will be limited to one lane through the work site.

14 April 2016

The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection has been assessing compliance with conditions placed on the approval for the construction of the Toogoom Seawall.

Council received yesterday (Wednesday, April 13) advice from the Department of Environment that Council currently meets conditions 2 to 12 of DEHP concurrence agency response.

A compliance inspection was carried out on 10 November 2015 with DEHP Coastal Engineer which concluded that:

  • the design criteria selected for the design of the Kingfisher Parade Seawall is consistent with engineering design practice for these types of coastal property protection structures;
  • in general the seawall appeared consistent with the approved design;
  • whilst fracturing of the rock was observed, however it is within the design specifications as detailed by Aurecon and as such is not a significant issue;

“This is comforting news to the residents of Kingfisher Parade particularly given the rumours that the wall was not functioning or constructed in accordance with the design,” Division 5 Councillor Rolf Light said.

“The seawall is working. It is not only stabilising the dunes, protecting houses and people’s investment in the region, it lets residents get on with their lives and restoring confidence in Toogoom.”

17 December 2013

The $120,000 upgrade of the Toogoom Community Park on Kingfisher Parade has finished and the park is ready for action.

The project has included building a new amenities block and replacing playground equipment.

“The project will revitalise the park,” Events, Sport and Recreation and Open Space Portfolio Councillor Darren Everard said.

The playground was enlarged, new bench seats, softfall and play equipment, including an arc tunnel and a motorcycle seesaw, were installed along with new pathways and lighting.

29 November 2013

Long term flooding of yards in Kalinda Court at Toogoom should be a thing of the past thanks to a partnership between residents and Council.

The project is one of four that Division 5 Councillor, Rolf Light, is championing following feedback from community chats and meetings with progress association and community groups.

“Sections of the yards in Kalinda Court flood because of the high water table or the dunes dam the water,” Fraser Coast Councillor Rolf Light said.

“After consultation with residents, we’ve developed a partnership to overcome the problem.

“Council will invest $21,000 to install 90-metres of 90mm underground pipe running from the end of the court to O’Regan Creek Road.

“Homeowners will be able link into the pipe and pump the water away. A series of one-way valves will ensure the water is pumped away and not from one yard to another.”

Council investigated other drainage options.

“Because of the lay of the land we could not install a table drain or normal stormwater drainage system,” Cr Light said.

The other projects planned for the division include $13,000 for a footpath at the corner of Kingfisher Parade and Lorikeet Avenue; $8,000 for a pathway and $20,000 for a boardwalk at Moreton Street, Toogoom.


Toogoom Amenities Block Project



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