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the princess of the world trapped owned by government and getting sicker by the day today tonsillitis



Kaelans wicked sense of humour in  “mum’s black magic room” after the fire he cheered me up with his cards next to mine but his man gave me the ideas of what to do with the minor arcana

one of my diagrams


playing with rainbows

Keiths diary


well who knew…. I finally found his symbol that he used in diary everyday it’s sirius  and also horus wow who knew lol .. other than keith … my star… always was



keith knew and im just finding out


12th october 1998


16 april 1996  Kiraleas birth lady of the twin girls? krystal was 9 at time so I guess it was 2 at the time and now there is six



Kaelan is allergic to himself after contracting kawasaki disease on july 19 2007 at around 1am the same time and day that keith died.

rainbow play

my aqua aura riainbow


the aqua still there but the green is coming out again



ah there is my pink love crossing rainbows


the first fire in the temple – sanctuary

10th june 2018 the rainbow came right up to the jetty as the storm came along the river


my clouds