Recycling and Waste (Bin Day Fridays by 6 am)

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Recycling and Waste (Bin Day Fridays by 6 am)

  • Waste bins –  for general waste – emptied weekly
  • Recycling bins – serviced fortnightly, on alternating weeks

Bins must be out by 6am on the day of collection, even if your collection is usually later in the day, as routes and shifts can change. Your bins should be brought back in within 24 hours of being serviced, to help reduce bin theft and road hazards. Missed collections should be reported within 48 hours.

To ensure your bins are emptied, please ensure the following:

  • bins are on the kerbside (not the gutter or road) with the opening facing the road before 6am on your collection day;
  • bins are presented at least one (1) metre apart for collection;
  • do not overfill your bins. The lid must close properly;
  • bins do not weigh more than 75kg;
  • there are no cars, trees or overhead wires blocking access to your bins;
  • your bins are removed from the kerbside on the day, or after they have been serviced;
  • when you move premises, bins must remain with the property. Do not take them to your new premises.

Download the recycling calendar (PDF,370kB) to mark when your recycle bin is collected for future reference.

Alternatively, if you are unsure when your recycle bin collection day is please use Council’s waste services mapping tool or contact Council on 1300 79 49 29.

Missed/stolen of damaged bins

If your bin is missed, stolen or damaged, contact Fraser Coast Waste on 1300 79 49 29.

Recycling and waste service collection

If you require a new recycling or waste service or a cancellation/modification to your existing service, please complete an application form (PDF,83kB) and return to Council.


2017-2018 Recycling Calendar
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