Toogoom Storms 17 October 2017

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Toogoom Storms and Flash Floods 17 October 2017

Important note after travelling through floodwater in the Toogoom area and especially between Craignish and Toogoom please remember to wash down your vehicle immediately as the floodwater is mixed with tidal saltwater

After days and days of heavy rain at around 400 ml the causeway or salt flats between Toogoom and Craignish has been dangerously close to being flooded over to the point of being closed on the evening of 17th of October 2017. The rains have been relentless in downpours and left many low lying areas underwater.

  • Yesterday 16/10/17 Torbanlea Piabla Road at Burgowan Beelbi Creek crossing was closed in both directions to flash flooding coming from inland toward the ocean swelling the creek headways to a torrent.
  • Burrum To Torbanlea road was also covered with water near the adventure park but was not blocked to traffic.
  • Toogoom Cane road became impassable to 2wd drive vehicles at the same time and was covered by at least a foot of water in three to four different places along the road.
  • Hornes Road between Craignish and Takura was still passable to 2wd traffic at last recording.
  • The Booral Road at Bunya Creek near Main street is also closed to traffic in both directions causing vehicle to detour via Eli Waters and Boat Harbour drive to travel from the Torbanlea Roundabout to Urangan, town or River Heads.

But as usual for Toogoom residents their main concern was those salt flats near the fish farm between Toogoom and Craignish which tends to have tidal swamping over the road, even in king tides and especially at high tide after a lot of rain and storms. Below are some videos and a photo gallery captured by group members of the water over Burrum Heads Pialba Road.


Nikki Lamb Toogoom Storm and Floods 17 October 2017

Video Courtesy of Nikki Lamb Toogoom Community Group




Toogoom Storms 17/10/2017
Photos By Harmony Barnes Toogoom



Salt Flats near the fish farm between Craignish and Toogoom 17/10/2017


Gina Edwards Toogoom Storms October 2017 Video

Gina Edwards Toogoom Storms October 2017 Video

earlier in the day at around 1pm


Nikki Lamb Toogoom Storms and Floods 17 October 2017

Nikki Lamb Toogoom Storms and Floods 17 October 2017

getting closer to high tide as the afternoon progresses at Toogoom