Kangaroos Of Toogoom

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Kangaroos Of Toogoom

Photo shoots starring the kangaroos of Toogoom. These kangaroos, in times past were to be found basking in front yards and skipping across roads, even swimming on the beach of Toogoom at dusk and dawn. Human intervention and housing growth have decimated the population, whose numbers have decreased and that decrease is increasing as more and more of their habitat is destroyed by man as human made housing structures are built. Now every so often a fresh kangaroo carcass appears at the side of our Toogoom roads and injured kangaroos are often taken to rescue centres or humanely destroyed after horrific injuries from motor vehicle collisions.

No one ever taught and could not teach road sense to wildlife. Eyes trapped in headlights, frozen, they are trapped by their very nature. They have only had 200 years to adapt to the introduction of mankind and much less to realise the impact of man made structures, roads and motor vehicles on their gentle lives. They have been bred with barely any natural predators…. but now they are in the fight of their lives with mankind, the biggest predator.

Such a family animal with clear social structure. The large alpha male is, as witnessed in these photos displaying time and a hard fought battle for supremacy. He has his own injuries, life journal and  battle scars displayed proudly on his muscular large body. his broad masculines shoulders and chest muscles rippling compared to the rest of his dainty petite family and gentle doe eyed females, many of which have full pouches of curious joeys hanging in there seeing life from from the warm furry snug safe haven.

These kangaroos are Australia and everything it represents to us Australians. Take care on the roads, be wary, keep a lookout for these beautiful creatures.